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Carr Allison Medicare Compliance Attorney Spotlight

This month’s attorney spotlight is on Meggie Krombach, an attorney in our Birmingham office. With the holiday season approaching, we thought it would be fun to learn a little more about Meggie’s holiday traditions!

What is your favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday because it is the only time that we get together with my mom’s side of the family. She is one of seven children and everyone is spread across the United States. When Thanksgiving comes around, all 50ish of us meet at my childhood home in Bowling Green, KY, and eat until our hearts are content.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

This is a tough one, but I have to go with Connoisseur's Casserole. Connoisseurs is a creamy, cheesy, green bean, corn, and celery casserole that sounds (and looks) pretty gross, but is truly delicious. My second favorite Thanksgiving food has to be fried turkey!

Do you decorate for the holidays before or after Thanksgiving?

Always before! Nothing makes me happier than Christmas music, smells, and movies. I am always so eager to pull my decorations out. That being said, once the holidays are over, I cannot wait put the decorations away and start fresh for a new year.

Happy Holidays!


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