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Carr Allison's Medicare Compliance Group attorneys and medical professionals provide a complete line of services to ensure our clients' compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and corresponding Regulations. 

Workers' Comp Medicare Set-asides


Carr Allison's team of attorneys and nurses prepare the lowest possible MSA Allocations and work to secure CMS approval of the same, when appropriate.  Our integrated legal and medical approach and aggressive, effective advocacy on behalf of our clients results in tremendous savings on MSAs. 



Liability Settlement Allocations

Medicare Compliance in liability cases involving personal injuries is complex and continues to evolve.  Medicare simply does not have an interest in every liability case and Set-asides are not usually appropriate. When Medicare does have an interest, however, Carr Allison's attorneys and nurses are available to prepare the most cost-effective Liability Settlement Allocations possible while taking all legal and medical defenses into consideration.

Non-submit Medicare Set-aside Allocations


Our non-submit MSA Allocations are perfect for clients who have non-submit MSA programs or for claims with special situations which make CMS submission inappropriate.  These allocations are based on the legal and medical evidence available and protect Medicare, clients and claimants.

Conditional Payment Claim Research


In every settlement, judgment or award of any type involving a Medicare beneficiary, Medicare's conditional payment claim, if such exists, must be researched and resolved to avoid future liability.  Understanding how to conduct the research and resolution process efficiently is absolutely essential.  Carr Allison attorneys have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in conditional payment claims as a result of our aggressive advocacy and client-focused approach.


Medicare Advantage Plans and Rx Plan Resolution

Medicare Advantage Plans now make up the most active basis for litigation stemming from the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.  Knowing when and how to resolve Advantage and Prescription Plan claims is crucial to avoid liability.  Our experienced attorneys and specialists determine whether these plans have an interest in particular cases and aggressively work to resolve them on behalf of clients. 

Section 111 Services

In addition to serving as a Reporting Agent for clients, we provide comprehensive training and guidance to ensure our clients are in compliance with Medicare Mandatory Reporting Requirements.  We also offer audit services to ensure that Section 111 Reporting is being done properly on appropriate claims.

Client Policies and Procedures

Complying with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act can oftentimes seem like an overwhelming task.  Carr Allison's attorneys draw on their knowledge and years of experience to develop policies and procedures that help our clients comply with the law.  We provide guidance that is easy to understand and follow and fits well within our clients' claim handling strategies and cost-saving objectives. 



Prescription Medication Reviews

Prescription costs are now the largest expense involved in handling claims.  To help reduce the impact prescription costs have on MSAs, Carr Allison offers an independent Prescription Medication Review Program provided by the licensed pharmacists at Carlisle Medical - a leader for more than 30 years in providing pharmacy, DME and case management solutions nationwide.  Prescription medication reviews contribute to lower Medicare Set-aside allocations, as well as lower reserves and overall settlement values. 


Client Education and Training


Carr Allison provides a variety of educational opportunities for clients.  We offer on-site training, webinars, video conferencing and online courses.  In addition to presentations, Carr Allison has developed flow charts and guidance documents to assist clients in complying with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. We ensure that clients are able to make the most educated, cost-effective decisions possible when settling cases.  



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