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Carr Allison Medicare Compliance Attorney Spotlight: Matt Dorius

Our attorney spotlight this month features Matt Dorius, who has been with Carr Allison in our Birmingham, Alabama office for over 11 years. Matt has enjoyed the opportunity to work with our clients and we are glad to share more information about him.

What is your life outside of work like?

My wife, Tina, and I have four incredible kids and three dogs, so things are always a bit chaotic and there is rarely a quiet moment until bedtime. Despite the chaos, we are all happy and enjoy being together and for that I am thankful. When I have a free moment, I enjoy reading or listening to podcasts.

How did you decide to become a lawyer?

My dad was a lawyer and I think I always expected that I would be too. I've always enjoyed researching and analyzing issues and working to find the best way to make an argument, so becoming a lawyer was a natural fit.

What's something you've thought about lately?

Lately I've thought about being who you say you are. We all have goals for ourselves and define success across many different areas in life. Trying to balance it all requires self-awareness and an understanding of how we impact those around us. It's a continuous, never-ending process but one that always offers the opportunity for improvement.


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