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Saving Clients Money is Our Mission

The Carr Allison Medicare Compliance Team works extremely hard every day to serve our clients well. Saving clients money is one of our highest priorities. Below are some of the very recent results we've been able to achieve for our clients.

  • Successfully disputed $211,180 in Medicare conditional payment claims.

  • Argued successfully for the removal of $182,879 in Medicare conditional payments.

  • Appealed demand for reimbursement of conditional payment claims, saving our client $55,180.

  • Convinced Medicare to reduce the amount requested for a Medicare Set-aside account from $45,459 to $10,530.

  • Advocated for zero Medicare Set-aside account, saving our client $48,191.

If you have not yet worked with Carr Allison to see what a difference we can make for you, we invite you to contact us today. Let us contribute to your success!


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